Chris Cleverley: live at the Tree House Bookshop

Friday 29th November 2024 from 19:30

Chris Cleverley was born under a solstice moon, in the honeysuckle mysticism of a late 80s Midsummer. As his fledgling days unfurled, the symbolic sounds of ‘Hunky Dory’, ‘Gracelands’ and ‘Ladies of The Canyon’ echoed from the woodchip walls of the South Birmingham terrace where he was raised; quiet and curious, saturnine and shy. Here, the soul of a young artist was shaped.

A true guitar-man, his elaborate alternate tunings, percussive rhythms and ambient sound design flow beneath a visceral lyrical style inspired by the Lo-fi American Greats, Elliott Smith & Sufjan Stevens; a curious tapestry weaved from the hazy psychedelia of the 60s folk revival and the soulful oblivion of 90s Pacific Northwest.

From the fairy-light intimacy of concert venues, to the stages of world-renowned festivals, Chris has built a sturdy following in his 7 years touring the new British Folk Scene. With replenishing calm and warm humour, his one-man live show occupies the space between a concert performance and a yoga nidra meditation; Jarringly raw, hauntingly serene and effortlessly 21st Century.

7pm doors for a 7.30pm start.

Organised by the Tree House Bookshop supported by Kenilworth Arts Festival

Refund policy: we will only give refunds if a gig is sold out, and more than a week before the event. If you request a refund in the 7 days prior to the event, we will try to resell your tickets and refund your purchase if we are successful.


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