Live music at the Tree House - a new era!

A while ago I decided I had had enough of organising and hosting live music. I have organised gigs for the whole ten years we have been open, increasing to monthly and sometimes twice a month before the pandemic lockdowns. Professional musicians on national tours, sometimes international artists. It was amazing and I met so many fantastic people - I love musicians!

It was heartbreaking to make the decision to stop, but I just couldn't do it any more. The whole thing from booking, sorting finances, selling tickets, hosting on the night, had taken its toll. So I finally decided - after a few failed attempts - to call it a day.

Local superstar Ellie Gowers then got in touch to say that she would love to see live music continuing at the Tree House and in Kenilworth generally and she would be happy to help with the bookings. Suddenly it seemed possible.

Then Becky Webb and Sarah McCaffrey, directors of Kenilworth Arts Festival, said they would love to collaborate.

And lo and behold, we had a a team - we have a team! And live music will once again be happening on a regular basis. We have two gigs in the run-up to Christmas, and Ellie is putting together a fabulous programme for 2024.

I will do another post very soon about Kenilworth Arts Festival and working with them - the Tree House was there at the start of the whole Arts Festival enterprise and it's wonderful to be working with them again. 

But in the meantime, head to our Events page and book yourself some tickets for the two fabulous gigs we have coming up! Live music is the best.

Photo: Phil Nicholls

Posted by Victoria Mier on November 13th 2023

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